exchanges, exchanging, exchanged
1) V-RECIP If two or more people exchange things of a particular kind, they give them to each other at the same time.

[pl-n V] We exchanged addresses and Christmas cards...

[pl-n V] The two men exchanged glances...

[V n with n] He exchanged a quick smile with her then entered the lift.

N-COUNT: oft N of pl-n
Exchange is also a noun.

He ruled out any exchange of prisoners with the militants... There has got to be a frank exchange of views, and it is going to be very painful.

2) VERB If you exchange something, you replace it with a different thing, especially something that is better or more satisfactory.

[V n] ...the chance to sell back or exchange goods...

[V n for n] If the car you have leased is clearly unsatisfactory, you can always exchange it for another.

3) N-COUNT An exchange is a brief conversation, usually an angry one. [FORMAL]

There've been some bitter exchanges between the two groups.

4) N-COUNT: oft N of n An exchange of fire, for example, is an incident in which people use guns or missiles against each other.

There was an exchange of fire during which the gunman was wounded...

This could intensify the risk of a nuclear exchange.

5) N-COUNT: usu adj N An exchange is an arrangement in which people from two different countries visit each other's country, to strengthen links between them.

...a series of sporting and cultural exchanges with Seoul.

...educational exchanges for young people...

I'm going to go on an exchange visit to Paris.

6) N-IN-NAMES: the supp N Exchange is used in the names of some places where people used to trade and do business with each other.

...the Royal Exchange.

7) N-COUNT: usu the N The exchange is the same as the telephone exchange.
8) See also , foreign exchange, stock exchange
9) PHRASE: usu PHR for n, PHR with cl If you do or give something in exchange for something else, you do it or give it in order to get that thing.

It is illegal for public officials to solicit gifts or money in exchange for favors...

He paid her a huge salary. In exchange, he was assured of her vote.

in return

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